American Girl / Canadian Boy - Bonnie McKee - Mike Tompkins video free download

Duration: 04:22
Uploaded: 2013/10/29

Hey guys, hope you enjoyed this Acapella Video I made with the very talented Bonnie McKee. She is the amazing songwriter behind some major hits (including one close to me - Teenage Dream)

Let me know what you guys think!

Make sure you give Bonnie some love!

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Song engineered and mixed by: @Mike_tompkins

Additional engineering by: Sean Walsh

Video made by: @mike_tompkins

DP: Andrew Kurchinski

Grip: Yev Bell

Production Coordinator: Jane Kang


1 year ago

Ryan Allen

What happened to your Canada 150 vid?

1 year ago

بنت محمد .

معكم ابو رغد الرغادين الروقي ٥١١ اللي ما يحط لايك ابجي ببيته

1 year ago


انا افتخر ان اغلب الكومنتات عربيه اللي معي لايك

1 year ago

crustacean drool cube

"I'll always say that I'm sorry" lmao

1 year ago

Neil Perena

I really loved that ending although that's not necessarily part of the whole song.

1 year ago


Bonnie sounds like a mix between Avril and Kesha, her voice is really cool! Great work, you two!

1 year ago


This has to be one of hour best collaborations, Mike. Absolutely shows your talent to the max AND it is ALWAYS great to see and hear Bonnie!

1 year ago

Tooka Yatogami#Anime

عربي ؟ سود الله وجهك ههههههههههههههههههههههه

1 year ago

Ricardo Hirano

2018 anyone??

1 year ago

bingbangboogie 94581

I was American but it turned into a Canadian person

1 year ago

bingbangboogie 94581

I'm a San Francisco American boy

1 year ago

Roz Tae

The girl looks like adam

2 years ago

farah salameh

"And I'll always say that I'm sorry" funniest thing I've seen all day tbh HAHAHAHAHA <3

2 years ago

trashcanwithaflowercrown ___

How about Helena my chemical romance

2 years ago

رغد الوحيمد

اكيد فيه عرب ميسير مافيه عرب نحن العرب نضهر في كل مكان

2 years ago

Ben R

Please make Get Lucky from Daft Punk.

2 years ago

سوسي الدهمشي

ههههه قاعده اقرا الكومنات والا خلصت الاغنيه

2 years ago


I'm saudi girl

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