Ulver - Shadows Of The Sun скачать видео бесплатно

Длительность: 04:37
Загружено: 2008/10/21

Ulver - Shadows Of The Sun (Shadows Of The Sun, 2007)

The shadows


Of the dead

In the silence

In the night

Close your eyes

And see the stars

The shadows

And tremors

Of the sun

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2 years назад

Nicolas Ahlroos

This is emotional song

2 years назад

Astro Luxe

The recent eclipse caused the latest earthquakes. I don't know, but it felt accurate how it says: "...and tremors of the sun."

2 years назад

Campione XLVII

lan nerdesiniz

3 years назад

Frank TheTank

EOS is better ;) Anyway, great album.

3 years назад


last shit

6 years назад

Lukasz Grajny

i miss for black metal performed Ulver...

6 years назад

Nayan psytribe

The irony of this being top comment... It hurts. I agree, somewhat. YT comments have always been horrible

6 years назад


you are catastrophically stupid.

6 years назад


Look man the music is great, but saying no average guy could come up with that is a little ridiculous. Adele sets fire to the rain, man. People juxtapose opposites in songs, literally all the time.

6 years назад

Gordan Nenkovski

Dude, you sound like the double rainbow guy..

6 years назад

Victor Zamanian

"The glare of a black hole." Is your mind blown? :)

6 years назад

Jesus Emmanuel

Audioslave did a song called shadow on the sun in the early 2000's.

6 years назад


This fucking song gets me every time. Stunning.

6 years назад

TheRogue IX

I agree Garm is a genius, but you talk about the sun as if it is just a ball of light and heat. The sun is the main giver and sustainer of life on our planet. Without it we would never exist. No life would dwell on the earths surface, it would be a -400° ice planet devoid of essence and beauty. Yes, he creates a beautiful piece of music about the sun, but think deeply enough you will find there is nothing more beautiful than that big ball of light and heat in the sky.

7 years назад

Augustinas Kmielius

oh, the irony :D

7 years назад

Jonas Ghobadi

Beautiful song!!! I've made two ambient songs. Check out my channel (if your interested, of course) :)

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