The Beatles - "Lovely Rita" Stereo Remaster скачать видео бесплатно

Длительность: 02:43
Загружено: 2011/05/01

The Beatles "Lovely Rita" album "Sgt.Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" 1967 / 2009


3 years назад

Jerry Garza


3 years назад

Rob Mease

yoko didnt destroy the beatles, the beatles did george was done john was done only ringo paul wanted to keep going .

3 years назад

Terry Studebaker

I was raised on the Beatles as a 15 yr old. And I think that Yoko Ono destroyed the Beatles and the music they created. John Lennon may have loved her but history will show the demise of the group was a direct result of her interference with the best group of all time. So if I am Wrong show me one thing she has done since the death of John Lennon.

3 years назад

Math Educando

¿qué le están haciendo a Rita?

4 years назад

Marcos Medina

agree, paul is way better

4 years назад


Very good - one of my favorite Beatles songs - thanks!

4 years назад


I LOVE the Beatles, I grew up on them - but Paul was the best. Paul A+++++ John gets an A+++ close call but PAUL WINS!! !hanks, sorry if you disagree! Listen to ALL the Beatle songs, and I think you'll agree...

5 years назад

sergio barros

Pianinho do cacete,hein.....?

5 years назад

Dale Berkebile

Great video. We used it in a blog article titled: The Beatles: Rhythem and Harmony. Check it out if you love the Beatles. - SoundConvictions(.)com/blog/bid/234455/The-Beatles-Rhythm-and-Harmony

6 years назад

Anna San Miguel

(another comment about me being a teenager and loving the beatles and bands like them,lovely song yap yap yap)

6 years назад

Manon Lescaut

Lovely song and arrangement!

7 years назад


Ahhhhhhhhh! Lovely Paulie, Lovely Paulie Bass Man! x

7 years назад


Love the Pepper era Beatles pics - great job as usual.

7 years назад


Simply wonderful song!! Beautiful pictures and great job, Mac!!

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