Obey The Brave - "Raise Your Voice" скачать видео бесплатно

Длительность: 03:54
Загружено: 2014/08/12

Listen to the full album at http://bit.ly/1BciCys

"Raise Your Voice" by Obey The Brave from the album 'Salvation', out now!

Order on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/otbsalvation

Order at the Epitaph store: http://kingsroadmerch.com/epitaph-records/?id=1768

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/ObeyTheBrave

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tumblr: http://obeythebrave.tumblr.com/


3 years назад


That vocalist is more suitable for DESPISED ICON *JUST OPINION*

3 years назад

Julius Caesar

A wrestling entrance theme if I've ever heard one...

3 years назад

Will Deathcore

Alex ? Despised Icon.

3 years назад


Greeeeeaaat... another hatebreed clone.

3 years назад

EfreX 1.11

Eso fue la Primera Canción del Concierto en Nuevo Mundo H. Matamoros Tamaulipas. ;) 

3 years назад

Brandon Norbury

I am a mute and I find this racist.

3 years назад

Warrior Tha Witt

Get onto warped tour or mayhem FEST pleade

3 years назад

Oto Petison


3 years назад


awesome song !

3 years назад


the voice remind me of ivan moody in a hardcore style :D

3 years назад

T-bagin U

Why the fuck are cockheads hangin shit on how these guys move? Just shut the fuck up and enjoy the awesome music there making... "Oh what's with the way they move around" Maybe it's the way they feel there music you fuckwits!!!!!

3 years назад

Benjamin Paul Abanono

love this FUCKING SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 FUCK YEAH OBEY THE BRAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 years назад

mike barachkov

reminds me of madball but with melodic vocals

3 years назад

Jerome Blackman

How does he go from despised icon to this? 

3 years назад

Jackson Ossea

I want to like these guys, but Hatebreed does a far better job of everything these guys aim to do.

3 years назад

Final Beta


3 years назад


This fucking band is very good! HARDCORE 4 LIFE!!

3 years назад

Metal Gaming

Seems too me like a crappy copy of Hatebreed, man new bands need to step it up and be original. Every band I have recently heard is trying to express how "hardcore" they are when they are just copying another band. The similarities between this and Hatebreed are just sad, this generation is sucked dry of creativity.

3 years назад

Max Klein

music for kids. Selling merch more then do something interesting. From the beginning was interesting(few songs from the first album), but then it became so sad. Kind of some other popular pop-metal/hardcore band. I was hoping that Alex won't dissapoint us

3 years назад


jump jump jump jump up and kick down, take some steps back, walk forward with attitude, throw your shoulders back and forward, stop, bang your head, walk a tiny circle, repeat, whats up with that what kinda style is that?xD

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