Natural high (feat. T. Pain) - Colby O'Donis скачать видео бесплатно

Длительность: 03:21
Загружено: 2008/09/14

This song is from Colby O'Donis's new album, O'Donis.

Track List:

1. What you got (featuring Akon)

2. Sophisticated bad girl

3. She wanna go (featuring Paul Wall)

4. Let you go

5. Don't turn back

6. Under my nose

7. Take you away (featuring Lil' Romeo)

8. Natural high (featuring T. Pain)

9. Saved by money

10. Thinking about ya

11. Tell me this

12. Game for you

13. Follow you

14. The difference

15. Hustle man

©2008 Konlive/Geffen Records. All rights reserved.


4 years назад

David Revolis

T-Pain's verse !

4 years назад


This album is perfect.

5 years назад



5 years назад


Underrated CD

5 years назад

Angel zamora

Fuck you to the person on the bottom , I'm 2013 and still listening to it

6 years назад

Crystal Williams

i looooved this song and still do...come back colby o

6 years назад

Giselle Gutierrez

♥♥♥♥♥<--- Thats All I Gotta Say

6 years назад

deemah al hamad

im going to be listening to this in 2012 too...

7 years назад

Mariah Beegle

this is me & my boyfriends song (:

7 years назад


im Goin 2jail.. iKilled the replay button .. D=

7 years назад

Katie Peelle

i fell in love with this song! my fave song!!!!!

9 years назад

Peter Put

. Cover your mouth with your hand 2. Make a wish into it. 3.Close your hand (make it into a fist) 4. Hold you hand(the fist) to your heart for 5 seconds. 5.Send this to 3 more videos. 6. Tommorow will be the best day of your life

9 years назад


This song is off the chain. Real nice.

9 years назад


sik tunee ;;; who agrees

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