Patrice Roberts - A Little Wine "2013 Soca Music" descargar videos gratis

Duración: 03:27
Subido: 2012/04/24

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2 years ago

Edmore Mugari

sister patrice roberts are a genius. here in zimbabwe you make me crazzy... more calypso wine

3 years ago



3 years ago

G Parker

Meh i love deh wine

3 years ago

Kory Davis

I'm a soca baby!!!

3 years ago

Didi L

A little wine

3 years ago


Yo a been playing this song for months now and I can't get tired of it. Much love Patrice. Mad up yo thing gal. Yardie gal seh yo. Big up mi Trini people dem. 

3 years ago

Owel Sonni


3 years ago

Henry Morton

Nice Patrice, I will toast to that one!

3 years ago


i would fuck mamzel boy lol

3 years ago

monet knight

i remember wen they played this at carnival

3 years ago

allian georges

3 years ago

Janelle Williams

This song and she reminds me so much of Alison Hinds...Love this song!

3 years ago

Amit Armoogam

Take ah wine

3 years ago


One soca song that can get me on that dance floor!! Great Song! 

3 years ago

Mel Tomson

a little wine never hurt nobody so take a wine

3 years ago

clinton washington

Take a wine. A little wine never hurt nobody! 

3 years ago

Nick Bascombe

That's right girl a little wine can't hurt nick because body

3 years ago

xaria daniel

my soca song

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