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Duración: 08:10
Subido: 2012/12/05

From the DVD/Blu-Ray release Quebec Magnetic

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Master of Puppets (Live)

Recorded live on November 1, 2009 at Colisée Pepsi in Quebec City, Quebec

© 2009 Metallica


3 years ago


I like how James always picks down when he plays the guitar

3 years ago

Carlos Gesto Rodríguez

I'm not fan of heavy metal music but Metallica is amazing. Incredible group!

3 years ago

Matteo Ritondale

mamma butta la pasta!

3 years ago


thank god you're here !

3 years ago

ryan waldner

awesome song

3 years ago

Jean runkle

I want that guitar James is playing!!!

3 years ago

Jeremy Morris

The days of these guys blowing it up on stage is approaching it's end. Enjoy it while it last. Can't fight old age and all the bs that goes along with it. Think I'll go into a deep depression when they hang it up.

3 years ago

Andrew Carothers

That crazy guy at 0:20 is so lol

3 years ago



3 years ago

Matt Elrod

No joke but when I first heard this song and solo when I was about ten years old I legitimately cried

3 years ago

austin cutty

Weird watching kirk play the rhythm.chords and james playing the solo haha

3 years ago

Shawn Nyhus

eat dirt Lars

3 years ago

Chris Topher

For me Metallica is the most listenable metal band, i play many songs from different metal band.. like Anthrax, Megadeth, Slayer,etc and i think they sounds like shit and killing my ears, but not Metallica.. even St.Anger is sounds good for me and i don't like music with "machine gun" drums but with Metallica.. i still love em, and i'm not really a Metalhead, i'm more into some alternative.. pop.. country ..classic and emo (don't bash my ass coz i got my own taste,bitch). The only Metal band that i like is Metallica and that's it, really listenable with the harmony and shit not just devil screaming bullshit and annoying animal vocals.

3 years ago



3 years ago

Pedro C.

Hey guys, slow down a little bit... You don't need to run in 75% of the songs you play live. You guys rock, long live Metallica. Btw, I'm a proud owner of most of your CDs (physical copies, not digital, you deserve it). la la la la la.... Master, Master...

3 years ago

steve newell

No sense of tempo. Were they facing a sound curfew if they didn't finish quickly enough?? Give me a good cover version anyday......

3 years ago

Ryan Palomba

awesome song and video!

3 years ago


I want to punch Lars so hard right now.He tries his best to look like an idiot but his screws up his drumming.

3 years ago


It's funny how the most popular American metal band also features the less inspirational drummer of history. Crazy combination it's amazing it works

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