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Duración: 06:39
Subido: 2007/07/17

Song: Metallica - Astronomy (Original by Blue Öyster Cult)

Album: Garage Inc (1998)

A great song proformed by Metallica. Never been played live before, but should be.

As Requested, here are the Lyrics...

Clock strikes twelve and moondrops burst

Out at you from their hiding place

Like acid and oil on a madman's face

His reason tends to fly away

Like lesser birds on the four winds

Like silver scrapes in May

And now the sand's become a crust

Most of you have gone away

Come Susie dear, let's take a walk

Just out there upon the beach

I know you'll soon be married

And you'll want to know where winds come from

Well it's never said at all

On the map that Carrie reads

Behind the clock back there you know

At the Four Winds Bar

Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

Four winds at the Four Winds Bar

Two doors locked and windows barred

One door to let to take you in

The other one just mirrors it

Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

Hellish glare and inference

The other one's a duplicate

The Queenly flux, eternal light

Or the light that never warms

Yes the light that never, never warms

Or the light that never

Never warms

Never warms

Never warms

The clock strikes twelve and moondrops burst

Out at you from their hiding place

Miss Carrie nurse and Susie dear

Would find themselves at Four Winds Bar

It's the nexus of the crisis

And the origin of storms

Just the place to hopelessly

Encounter time and then came me

Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

Call me Desdinova

Eternal light

These gravely digs of mine

Will surely prove a sight

And don't forget my dog

Fixed and consequent

Astronomy...a star


3 years ago


Nothing sexual, but this song makes my nipples hard.

3 years ago

Nick Marino

Way better then the original

3 years ago

Nicolas Bizord

Blue Oyster Cult !!! \m/

3 years ago

Jan Pisek

Can anyone answer me who is the original author of the song actually? I didn't even know this was a cover... and I can't find the original.

3 years ago

phil wink

metallica should keep their fucken'hands off classics like thisthey r'e ruining it

3 years ago

Josh Morilon

Great Musicians and music icons? Struggle to follow their music anymore, but this is a superb cover.

3 years ago

Cody B

I hate when people say, "better than the original" if it wasn't for the original, this wouldn't even exist! For that reason alone, the cover can NEVER EVER be better than the original. It's basically an unwritten law.

3 years ago

Metin Orhan

Listen to 'Hepsi senin mi' by the Turkish singer Tarkan...You will see a striking similarity on the power chords part...

3 years ago

Bojan Bojan

What is this song all about?! I loved it from the first time I heard it but I have absolutely no idea, unless it's about Astronomy? :)

3 years ago


It's good, but Kirk just drags it down way too much for it to be a contest (not that it should be)

3 years ago


this is really good

3 years ago

Jefferson de jesus rodrigues

Por isso q o Metallica é o que é, mostra respeito para com os grandes do passado, de forma competente e sem perder a humildade. Grande versão....

3 years ago

Agis Mpastas

BOC is so much better

3 years ago

tomasz jaszczak

so iohn ty huju

3 years ago


Metallica tastes like...Gastronomy

3 years ago

D- Veg

Whatever you hear in this album is better than the original!

3 years ago

Marcelo Amaro

essa foi uma homenagem de gente grandecom muito respeito!!!!!que orgulho!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dessa porra que é o metal!!!

3 years ago


I like BOC, but I never really liked this song.However I do like this version.

3 years ago

Franco Di Fabio

Check out this video on YouTube:

3 years ago

Victor Victorov

e' bona pe fa qakke omicidie sta canzone...

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