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Duración: 05:02
Subido: 2014/07/08

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The Warning

Daniela - Guitar - 14 yrs old

Paulina - Drums - 12 yrs old

Alejandra - Bass Guitar - 9 yrs old

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3 years ago

Eddie Etheridge

Metallica Would Be Proud!!

3 years ago

Nathan Gray

Dude! The singers voice is like perfect. Idk why it just like sounds awesome.

3 years ago

Mariana Cecilia Mendez

♥ bien chicas! Abrazo y ánimos desde Argentina!

3 years ago

Hunter Richardson

Needs a rhythm guitar but otherwise fantastic!

3 years ago

Ted Aguhob

she looks ANGRY

3 years ago

Barbara E. Noll

Check out this video on YouTube:Happy Sounds!

3 years ago

crisrian estrada

excelente mis niñas

3 years ago

anucha aryachon

awesome good job youuuuu rockkkkk

3 years ago

Jaime Martinez

Háganse a un lado, Vazquez Sound.

3 years ago

Gladson AJ

wooh pretty impressing (y)

3 years ago

Taciano Messias Moraes

Smashing the prejudice of everyone that says that girls bands should be like Spice Girls!

3 years ago


REALLY REALLY glad I'm not the dad of these great girls! I'd be killing all the boys that want to date them! LOL

3 years ago

Austin Murray

Paulina is better than Lars

3 years ago

miguel cervantes

This girls got bored of Guitar Hero. Well done! Long live rock! Que viva el Rock!!

3 years ago

David Johansson

Daniela can go even further when they uncover the black magic behind the Metallica guitar tone. :P

3 years ago


increible!!! de que parte de Mexico son"????

3 years ago

Дмитрий Грек

Просто улет!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 years ago

Boris Tyan


3 years ago

Steve Brue

the BassGirl is super!

3 years ago

Rema Renthlei


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